Traditional Wedding Cakes – Suffolk, East Anglia, Norfolk, Essex, Woodbridge


The Dhotel Patisserie are creators of fine traditional wedding cakes, made to a style and size of your choosing. Based near Aldeburgh in Suffolk, we make traditional wedding cakes up to an impressive seven tiers which will easily cater for up to 250 guests. Or if you are holding a smaller, more intimate wedding, our smallest wedding cakes will serve 50 people and we can create other sizes in between. All of our wedding cakes are delivered free of charge to anywhere within a 40 mile radius of our Friston based kitchen. Delivery of your cake includes cake stand and set up and each cake comes with your choice of decoration and flavouring.


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Traditional style wedding cakes tend to be fruit cakes covered with a marzipan layer and white icing. They are usually square or round and arranged on 2 or 3 tiers. The ingredients were historically chosen so that the cake lasted a long time. This was important since tradition held that the top tier was to be saved and consumed to mark the birth of the couple’s first child. This tradition has since been modified and the top tier is used more commonly nowadays to mark a couple’s first anniversary.


A traditional cake will often feature a themed decoration and the cake is crowned with a topper, representative of the newly-wed couple. Some of the more traditional designs feature flowers and ribbons created in sugar paste or soft white icing. The white icing on the cake is symbolic of the purity of the bride and coloured icing decoration is often matched to the bridesmaid’s dresses or a colour the groom is wearing.